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Allan Block Courtyard

AB Courtyard – Things you should know

You can find instructions on how to build AB “Weekend Projects” on Allan Block’s website

AB Courtyard is a free standing wall system. This product is best used to create low walls, benches, posts, and outdoor kitchens.

An AB Courtyard wall cannot be substituted for a retaining wall. A retaining wall product is designed to retain soil and will not collapse under pressure.

Proper installation of a garden wall includes staggering joints. Staggering the joints from row to row helps provide stability to your wall. A straight stacked wall has no stability and though it may look nice at first it will most certainly fail.

AB Courtyard can be installed on top of a properly installed existing patio stone or paver patio. Because AB Courtyard is designed as a free standing wall it does not need to have any of the first row of block buried.

AB Courtyard – Tips & Tricks

Inevitably you may have to split some Courtyard units in order to make your project work. AB Courtyard makes this easy by providing pre scored block that are easily split with a hammer and chisel.

Install the same angled Dublin block one after another, to switch the other angled AB Dublin, place an AB York block in between.

For a straight panel, rotate every other York block to create a straight section. For a curved panel, place the short side of the block facing the inside of the curve.

Added stability for the wall can be achieved by interlocking walls and posts/pillars. Install post and wall caps together.

Since Courtyard walls often double as seating walls, all caps should be glued down with a high strength masonry adhesive to prevent tipping.